Almost Heaven
WV Shag Dance Club

The name of this organization shall be Almost Heaven
WV Shag Dance Club Incorporated under the laws of the State of West


The objective of this not-for-profit organization shall be to promote the education and preservation of beach music and the
Shag Dance and to provide social activities at which emphasis is placed on the dance.

Section 1

The membership of this club shall be unlimited and shall be open to all persons 21 years of age or older who share a strong
interest in the Shag Dance. The first year’s dues must accompany application for membership.

Section 2

Club members and guest shall strictly adhere to all rules of any facility being utilized by the club.

Section 3

The club dues shall be due by January 1. The club shall follow the calendar year, January through December. All members,
whose dues are in arrears after January 31, shall be dropped from the club. Dues for new members shall be prorated as
follows: paid prior to April 1st - 100%, paid after April 1st but prior to July 1st - 75%, paid after July 1st and prior to October 1st
- 50%, paid after October 1st - 25%.

Section 4

Club membership can be terminated by a two-thirds (2/3) vote by members of the Board of Directors if behavior of a club
member is deemed unacceptable.


Section 1

Officers shall be elected in November and take office on January 1.

Section 2

The officers of the organization are and their respective duties shall be:

President:  To open all meetings at the prescribed time and place. The Board of Directors shall determine the place the
meetings are held. To conduct all business before the club. To restrain the members when engaged in debate within the
rules of order. To authenticate by his/her signature, when necessary on all acts, orders, contracts, and checks of the club. To
stand for the club, declaring the club’s will, and in all things representing the club’s interest and desires. He/She may
adjourn any meeting where order cannot be maintained with the concurrence of the Board of Directors in attendance. To
serve as ex-officio on all committees except the nomination and audit committee. To appoint a substitute parliamentarian in
the absence of the vice president at the beginning of the meeting.

Vice President:  Shall assume the duties of the president in his/her absence. Shall act as club parliamentarian. Shall maintain
current and historic By Laws and amendments. Shall maintain written inventory of the club’s physical assets. The written
inventory shall be updated and posted quarterly.

Secretary:  Shall keep minutes of all meetings. Shall read minutes of previous meeting, if not previously published. Shall
conduct all club correspondence as directed. Shall maintain a current record of all club officers and chairpersons. Shall be
responsible to maintain and preserve past and current club minutes for all membership and Board of Directors’ meetings
and correspondence. Shall call a meeting to order in the absence of the President and Vice President and appoint a
temporary chairperson to preside. This shall take place immediately.

Treasurer:  Shall receive and bank all monies due the club within one (1) work week. Shall keep bookkeeping records of all
funds. Shall dispense all monies as the Board of Directors direct. Shall give a detailed financial report in written form, which
shall be posted in a designated location, prior to the meeting, for review by the membership and removed upon
adjournment. Shall give complete, detailed financial report at the Annual Meeting. Shall ensure all checks are counter signed
by the President. Shall be responsible for preparing and, with approval of the Board, filing of the club’s annual Federal and
State Tax returns prior to the annual meeting. Shall mail dues to ACSC (Association of Carolina Shag Clubs) when a bill is
received from ACSC. Shall keep records of all dues paid by members and keep current records of the general membership
with addresses and phone numbers.

Section 3
The President and Vice President shall not be husband and wife, nor shall they be members of the same immediate family.

Section 4
The President shall appoint a three (3) member nominating committee, one of which will be a chairperson, by August 1.

In addition to the list of candidates submitted by the Nominating Committee, nominations from the floor will be accepted prior
to the voting by club membership at the November Meeting.

Section 5
Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present at the November meeting, in accordance with Article 5,
Section 3

Section 6
If an Officer or a member of the board is absent, without good cause, from four (4) board meetings pre annum, they shall be
replaced, pursuant to Section 7.

Section 7
An unexpired term of office shall be filled by a majority vote of the club membership with the following exception: The Vice
President shall automatically succeed to the office of President.


Section 1
The club shall meet once a month at a time and place determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 2
Business may be conducted at any club meeting. Special business meetings may be called by the President or at the request
of one-forth (1/4) of the membership.

Section 3
A quorum shall be considered to be present when a majority of the Board Members are in attendance.

Section 4
The rules contained in the current edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised” shall govern the club in all cases
where they are applicable, and where they are not contrary to the by laws of the club or by special rules of order the club
may adopt.


Section 1
The Board of Directors shall be made up of the four (4) principal Officers of the club (President, Vice President, Secretary
and Treasurer), the outgoing President and three (3) persons elected by club members from the club membership list.

Section 2
The Board of Directors will generally supervise the affairs of the club between regular meetings, subject to the rules of the
club, and none of its acts shall conflict with actions approved by the club membership.

Section 3
The President shall have the authority to call meetings of the Board of Directors, as he/she feels necessary, to solve any
regular or unusual problems.


Section 1
The Audit Committee shall consist of three (3) club members appointed by the President by October 1st. The President shall
not be a member of the committee. It shall be the duty of the committee to examine the financial records of the Treasurer and
to present the report at the first meeting of the newly elected Officers. The Treasurer shall not serve on the Audit Committee.

Section 2
The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) club members appointed by the President. The President shall not be a
member of the committee. It is the responsibility of the committee to select club members as candidates for Officers and
Board of Directors, seeking the approval of the candidates before entering their names on the ballot. The list of candidates
shall carry one or more names for each office to be filled and shall be presented to the President.

Section 3
The President shall also appoint members to the following committees:

Ways and Means Committee – shall be responsible for devising ways to accomplish goals, such as fund raising efforts in
promotion of the shag dance to further promote and accelerate membership and activities available to members.

Membership Committee –Assist in the recruitment of new members and assist in maintaining list of current membership,.

Newsletter Committee – shall be responsible for compiling and maintaining a newsletter to be published by email, and with
hard copies available to general membership at greeters table on admission to all dances.

Social and Hospitality Committee – Shall be responsible for greeting and assisting new members and guests, developing and
presenting ideas for social events and activities for membership to participate. Serve as greeter on admission to dances
and may appoint other club members as necessary to serve as greeter on admission to dances. Organize and coordinate for
parties.  Planning and organizing events and working events.

Dance Lessons Committee – Shall be responsible for obtaining dance instructors for each dance.  And obtaining dance
instructors for workshops for annual party.  Helping to give lessons and showing up to be a partner to others.

Music Committee – responsible for providing for music by DJ or band at all clubs parties, and dances.

Publicity Committee – shall be responsible to publicize Almost Heaven WV Shaggers club events, creating flyers and ads, and
help to post and distribute them.  Such as newspapers, Elks newsletter, cable TV, etc to provide ongoing advertising and
publicity to general public about upcoming club events.

Photography Committee – Taking photos of miscellaneous events and club activities and submitting them to the club for our
newsletter, web site, etc.

Section 4
The President shall appoint chairpersons to special and standing committees as necessary, with the approval of the Board of


Section 1
The annual dues shall be determined each year according to current expenses and as recommended by the Board of
Directors and approved by the membership present at the annual meeting.

At the Board’s direction, early renewal incentives, discounts and/or honorary memberships may be given prior to December

Section 2
Members whose dues remain unpaid for more than thirty (30) days will be automatically dropped from the club membership
until such dues are paid in full.

Section 3
Only persons whose dues have been paid may participate in the elections of Officers or other club business.


Section 1
Definition:  All monies i.e. dues, initiation fees, committee funds, and equipage.

Section 2
Disbursal to be made by the club Treasurer for all proven debts.

Section 3
The President may allocate funds up to Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) for just debts. This provision should prevent late
payments and allow flexibility in accounting procedures.

Section 4
The club shall not operate at a deficit. All functions of the club shall be planned and monies appropriated in advance.

Section 5
No member or members of the club shall contract or incur any debt or enter into any agreement or otherwise obligate the
club except by authority of the Board of Directors.


Any regular meeting of the club may amend these by laws by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present, provided that
the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting. All proposed amendments to the by laws must
be submitted, in writing, to the President for distribution to the club membership.

001 Amendment to:


Section 5
No member or members of the club shall contract or incur any debt or enter into any agreement or otherwise obligate the
club except by authority of the Board of Directors and/or except when the debt incurred is equal to or less than Twenty
Dollars ($20.00) and has the approval of 2 or more Board Members.

Amendment(s) to By Laws

001 Amendment to :


Section 5
No member or members of the club shall contract or incur any debt or enter into any agreement or otherwise obligate
the club except by authority of the Board of Directors
and/or except when the debt is equal to or less than Twenty Dollars
($20.00) and has the approval of 2 or more Board Members.